About Digitalpromo

Digitalpromo Ltd (Digitalpromo.co.uk) was founded by Mr Brian Moffatt in 2001 using a small bedroom for an office and a garage for storage, distribution & packaging.

Within a few months the operation grew at a phenomenal rate and a move to a large warehouse in Aintree, Merseyside was required.

Since these early days the market for DVD/CD media as grown and changed also at a phenomenal rate which Digitalpromo has kept ahead of, many times Digitalpromo has been the catalyst for many of these changes in conjunction with manufacturers of DVD/CD media.

Renowned for superb service and providing the very best choice in blank DVD/CD Media and peripherals at the very lowest possible prices, Digitalpromo reins supreme at the forefront of the DVD/CD Marketplace which has helped Digitalpromo to gain year on year growth and become one of the largest E-tailers for blank DVD/CD media throughout Europe.

Our business philosophy is simple: give consumers and businesses what they want, when they want it, at an amazingly low price.

We view every customer as a customer for life and instil this philosophy in our employees to assure the complete satisfaction of every shopper. We continually evolve to satisfy the insatiable appetites of customers who require DVD/CD media and computer accessories, we continually update our site with the hottest products at the lowest possible prices, we never stop improving our world class operation by putting our customers - and their needs - first.

Even now, in 2019 we continue to strive towards customers needs and have continued to grow and be "independent" even after many offers from other companies to join them. We have decided to remain independent as this gives us the flexibility to do what we think is correct with our business model without any intervention from the outside, we still look at every order as being special and not just a process. Even after many years our MD's Brian Moffatt and his wife Rhona Moffatt are actively involved in every day processes, are "first in and last out" and look at this family business as their baby.

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